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Once that you have developed a website, or a blog like this one, you would like to see visitors come to your web space, wouldn't you? Well, usually this is the hardest part for a webmaster… Sigh...

There are million pages in internet that claim to bring huge traffic to your site, but most of them (say almost all of them) are SCAMS.

One can be: "We Boost your website traffic!" - 20,000 visitors for 25,00 USD or 5,00 USD for 1000, ect… If these happen to be true, we’ll be all rich in no time.

So, what should an honest webmaster do? Don’t fall for them, and chose other, risk free, ways.

One of the best way, is to optimize your site trough
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Another is RSS. What's RSS? (look here:

And optimize your meta tags (keywords, description). Is important that you don’t chose keywords too much popular (look here: Best Keywords Finder - this freeware will help you in the keywords choosing), the competition with the other sites will be too hard to strike.

Write articles! (one of the most profitable source:

Good Luck!

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