Pagerank, SEO – something relate to the make money business too…

But why some web pages with a PR 0 or smaller than 3 are indexed at the top of google pages? Well, this happens exceptionally for a valid reason, those web pages are very well optimized. Yeah, yeah, you maybe already know this, but you know also how to make a very well optimized site? Especially if you’re going to do it for the make money business system? Here some suggestions:

Number 1: You have to focalize on the content, and the keywords, of your website (or blog) even before to buy a domain.

Number 2: When you have all planned, for example: the site (or blog) will be about book’s store or book reviews, book quotes, etc… Because that’s one of your favourite topic. Now, find a valuable name for your site (or blog), not too short or too long, and remember the most important thing, to include the first keyword in the domain name.
Like -->
First keywords --> book quotes (well, these two words have to be in all your site pages (preferably more than once), and it's better if between the tags <*h2>, <*h3>, <*h4> [without the star], etc... But must be added like original content, do not write text like this:

In this site you’ll find all the book quotes and non book quotes about book quotes, like this movie book quotes and that movie book quotes, even movie’s book quotes, the most famous book quotes… What was I talking about? Ah, book quotes…

That’s absolutely not appreciated by Google and Co.

Number 3: Do not choose keyword too much popular, “book quotes” have this result (now) in google 88.500.000 it’s a medium-high keyword, the most a key is popular then higher will be the difficulty to reach the first positions. Example competition:

harry potter book quotes --> 3.600.000
harry potter quotes --> 7.750.000
harry potter book --> 68.500.000
harry potter --> 150.000.000 (ehm.. very high competition)

Number 4:
Create your meta tags, link:

Number 5: When you’re done with home page and meta tags, this is a great site where you can test its potential:

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