Did you ever read email to make money?

About two years ago, when I didn’t know anything regarding the make money business at home, I found this page when surfing the internet for some other reason, and I take some time to seek after this:

A System based on reading email, that will make you gain more than you expect!
First, you will need an account to collect your earned cash, so: Open a Paypal or E-gold account, it's totally free: Paypal www.paypal.com or E-gold: www.e-gold.com

[….blah, blah, blah…]

Attention!! When you are registering, be aware to not select "I'm a cheater", "delete me", "I do valid search", (the English test for the non English speaking) when you are choosing the categories of the email that will be send to you.

After registered, you can change the referral nick (es: http://www.link.com/...refid=referral) present in the links with your referral nick (the one you chose registering), and give the links to others which will repeat this procedure, giving them instruction naturally.

After some time, and after all the “Get Paid to Read Email” sites that I visited, like:


the stars (*) indicates the real paying sites, related to my experience. The others are an utopia (scams), and some others closed after a short time, I have to say that to gain something like $100, reading thousands of email, needed more than 1 year without referred, and with 20-30 of that ones, it’ll reach something like $130. In conclusion, I discourage this system even for make enough to pay a single tax bill :(

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