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There are legal ways to download music and movies online without having to pay hefty fines or even serve jail time. What you will get when you download our complete Legal Download Music & Movie Guide:

The Top 46 Legal Music Download Sites where you can (Full reviews, pricing information, and recommendations)

The Top 28 Movie Download Sites (Full reviews, pricing information, and recommendations)

Free Downloads to 18 of these sites that won't cost you a dime to download and watch movies and full length TV shows legally!

Free Trials to many of the services so you don’t have to spend a dime to try them out to make sure you like them

How to Protect Yourself Against a Lawsuit if you have already downloaded music and movies online illegally!

Complete Information on What the “Millions of Downloads” Sites offer you for their $40-50 membership. It’s a total scam, but we’ll include in the guide everything they give you if you would sign up for their service in case you were wondering… All of their information could be found free on the Internet, so you would be wasting your money to even think about signing up for their service.

FREE Bonus #1 – Free Video Player to view all your movies in high quality
*FREE Bonus # 2 – Free CD & DVD burning software so that you can burn all your favorite music and movies to disk upon using a legal download service that we recommend. 

Cost: Platinum Plan $29.95 one time, *includes CD & DVD Burning Software Bonus | Silver Plan - Access to Movies Online Guide Only $19.95 one time

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