More Stay-At-Home Moms Working From Home

Starting their own businesses or marketing their own inventions
Reporter: Rachel Pierce

Moms trying to achieve balance between work and raising a family is a constant struggle. More and more women are quiting the corporate world and turning to home businesses.
Kimberly Chickinelli works from home. It's a much different atmosphere from her 15-years in the banking world. Her focus changed after she and her husband had their first baby.
"I was tired of taking her to the babysitter, tired of missing, I felt like I was missing out on stuff," said Chickinelli.
Kimberly runs three successful businesses, Creative Memories
Scrap-booking, Creative Memories Custom Framing and she also has a custom window treatments business. "It is definitely full time, I get up in the morning,
my children go to school and I come home and I work."
She's bringing in income, but still has flexibility. "I can be a full-time mom, but I'm still a businesswoman, I work around my schedule, I'm now my own boss."

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