Your Work From Home Success

Author: Brian McCoy [, September 29, 2007, business articles]

So you want to work successfully from home? What is it going to take for this to happen? There are a few things that need to take place for you to accomplish your goals. Not everyone is able to work from home successfully. There is no longer any structure from an employer, so you have to create it for yourself. Here are some ways to help you get started on your path to success.

1) Have A Goal
The most successful minds in history have always set goals for themselves. Don't just set them, but write them down and hang them somewhere of prominence where you can refer to them often. Set a long term goal and then short term goals that will lead you to your long term goal. Make sure that all of the goals are time specific. Evaluate your progress often.

2) Prioritize Your Day
Make a list at the beginning of each day of the most important things that you need to accomplish that day. Go through the list systematically and complete each task in its entirety. When the day is over, go back through your list and make sure that all of the items were completed. If not, place them at the top of your list for the next day. Prioritizing your day will make your time more productive.

3) Schedule Breaks
You need time during the day for yourself. Make breaks a part of your daily routine. Fit them into your day and limit them to a time that works for you. Make sure that you are getting enough hydration and nutrition. This will be vital to your mind clarity and productivity. Allowing yourself breaks will help motivate you to complete your next tasks.

4) Avoid Distractions
While it is important for your productivity to take adequate breaks, it is also just as important to avoid potentially hazardous distractions. When working from home it is so easy to get wrapped up in a phone call with a friend, a television program, or personal chores. Allow time for these things in your personal time, but make sure that they are not creeping into your business day. They will only pull you in and thus make your day less productive.

5) Enjoy Yourself
Enjoy what you're doing. Chances are if you are working from home you are a highly motivated and driven person. Just remember to not take yourself too seriously, relax, and have fun at what it is you're doing. If you enjoy helping others, think about how the project you're currently working on will help make another person's life a little easier.

6) Have A Mentor
Don't just go into this new endeavor alone. Find someone who has been or is currently successful from home and ask them if they will mentor you. Some of your best advice and guidance could come from someone who has already gone through what you are.

7) Create Balance
People who work from home above all need balance. Allow yourself time for your family and hobbies. You may think that you are using your time frivolously, but really you are rejuvenating yourself to work more efficiently. If you don't allow yourself time for enjoyable activities, you will burn yourself out. Entrepreneurs who have balance between work and their personal life end up being the most productive in the end. So take that long walk or go out to dinner. Your life and business will prosper if you're balanced.

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