Google offers new and simple software to create web sites

February, 28 - 2008

by Eric Auchard

St. Francisco (Reuters) - The colossus Google assumed to offer a new simple support to use for the creation of web sites for offices and groups of job, aiming to beat the already existing SharePoint of Microsoft.

The new service of Google is called Sites and it is a version in staircase redoubt of JotSpot, a simple service for the creation of "intranet" that Google had acquired 16 months ago.

Sites, new stadium of the run of the giant of Internet on the market, allows also the little experts to organize and to share digital information as connections web, calendars, photo, video, presentations, personal profiles, attached and other documents, in an easy to be created site and that can be consulted only by the affiliate.

Share Point of Microsoft is a program very similar, but much more complicated to use, and above all more expensive.

"Sites is relatively easy-to-use and is free", Rebecca Wettemann has said, analyst of the organ of technical consultation Nucleus Research of Wellesley, Massachusetts. "Google is changing the way to think to see the web in relationship to the business", she has added.

The basic site of Sites doesn't have any cost instead or sometimes it asks for a small monthly rate, while for those that were already user of Google App the service is completely free.

"The idea is that IT (the departments of Information Technology) doesn't do anything whether not to train to the use of the support the users of our service", Dave Girouard said, general manager of Google Enterprise.

Wettemann underlines nevertheless that the lack of assistance could cause some problem in the updating and in the use of the sites, despite Sites is very easy to use. In fact, unlike Share Point of Microsoft, Sites doesn't have a center of technical support, but it is managed completely from those people that make use of it for job or privately.

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