Make Money selling your ideas

Most of the businessman (and businesswoman, of course) who made a large fortune in internet owed it to a small stroke of genius or an original program that reaches a goal shared by many people (see youtube for example). So if you don’t have the slightest desire to spend a dime to be addressed by other experts who have taken the same path before you, if you so wish to do it, you have to pull up the sleeves from now.

There are many free host, you can open even a single web page without spend money. For example:


and then? Ok, this is one suggestion of the diversified objectification for a project:
if you are a programmer, if you are a cook, if you are a coach of any sports, if you are a musician, a writer, a housewife, or any else. Write your ideas on your best competence, make an ebook (this is a good freeware: Free Ebook Creator). Put a very good description on the Home of the previus created website, and that's a guide to How to Sell Your eBook

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