Microsoft wants Yahoo!

The offer: 44,6 billion dollars to by the secod search engine most famous in the internet world. Bill Gates society informed that Yahoo refused the hypothesis of commercial partnership and fusion.

The negotiation are still in course, to succeed in to close the operation by the second semester 2008, according with its forecasts, the house of Redmond has engaged itself to work to tight contact with the management of Yahoo!.

After the supply and demand launched from Microsoft, Yahoo! quotations flies up to the stock of Wall Strett in the pre-list: the actions of the Internet colossus are jumped of 53.8% to 29,50 dollars. On 01-31-2008 the title had closed it the dealings to 19,18 dollars. In rise also Microsoft, that it earns but only 0.3% to 32,70 dollars. To the stock of Frankfurt, the title is earning it 53.8% to 19,50 euro.

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