Microsoft-Yahoo! (update)

Yahoo! still hasn't taken a decision about the offer of Microsoft. It's estimating further that proposal of purchase from 44,6 billions of dollars. The ceo of the Californian society, Jerry Yang, has written with regard to an email to the dependent, saying that "the Cda will use all the necessary time. It is estimating a range width of strategic alternatives in a complex landscape and has hired advisers to the top".

But meanwhile Microsoft is taking its countermeasures, also in relation to the incoming of Google in aid of Yahoo!. And therefore Redmond prepares the counterattack. From the "Wall Street Journal", the company of Gates would be gotten ready to ulteriorly improve its offer started with 44,6 billions of dollars in order to avoid that the case is dragged too long. The movement would answer exactly to the various manifestations of interest for the search engine after the proposal of the company of Gates.


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