Web Colleagues, type at home

Web Colleagues

Price: $49,00
(No-Risk, 60 days money back guarantee)
Rating: 5/5
Difficult: Easy
Day $ Made Average: $300 - $800

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Simple program, with simple process “Type, and get paid.” How you're going to earn money with Web Colleagues? It is a program that trains you how to type articles and post them to the Internet to be paid. WEB Colleagues gives you all the sources for being paid through multiple streams of residual income and the training and support needed.


Paid Surveys/Paid to Drive/Mystery Shopper (This paid survey program gives you access to over 800 market research companies that are willing to pay you for your opinion. One of the better paid survey programs you will see on the Internet.)

9000 Satellite PC TV Channels (We also will give you over 9000 PC TV Channels. No monthly fees. All FREE to Watch TV right on your PC. A $49.95 value in itself.)

i-Profits Membership (This is a $99.00 value by itself)


WEB Colleagues is a group of REAL Home Typist that are involved with relations to thousands of companies on the internet. We work directly with these companies and are paid for typing short articles and posting them to the internet. In return for our service we earn a very generous income.

If you are not a good typist, speller or good with grammar, don't you worry too much; we have found solutions so you do not have to even create your own content you type. You can even type in different languages if you prefer.

So, here for more infos and to buy WebColleagues!

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