Yahoo! confirms no to Gates and deal with Murdoch

Murdoch, Yahoo!, Myspace and Microsoft. The latest game of finance in the Web 2.0 plays through strikes of social network. The Wall Street Journal confirms today (14 February, 2008) the assumptions made yesterday by TechCrunch blog about a possible escalation of Australian magnate Murdoch, the owner of MySpace also on the search engine Yahoo!. Jerry Yang and his Cda have confirmed today that the Microsoft offer is too low. The Cda confirms in a letter to shareholders defending the decision to reject the advances of the group of Bill Gates - Microsoft - clarifying that "substantially undervalues" Yahoo! And the operation is "not in the interest of shareholders".

NewsCorp, the galaxy media owned by the Australian magnate Rupert Murdoch, does not stay and watching. The TechCrunch had suggested it yesterday and today Wall Street Journal confirms, writing that "News Corp and Yahoo! are discussing a combination of MySpace and other online activities.

News Corp. would have a presence in Yahoo! above the 20%, and in the search engine would be incorporated the activities of MySpace portal, which would be decoupled from the News Corp group.

Meanwhile, the group of Bill Gates appears to be ready to relaunch its initial offer of $ 44.6 billion, while analysts Site BreakingViews assumed that the assumptions made by Murdoch is only one way to force Microsoft has relaunch the offer.

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