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The Forex, a method to earn through the speculation in the market of the changes.

What is the Forex:

The foreign exchange market (often shortened in Forex) occurred when a currency is exchanged with another. The Forex is the biggest market in the world, in terms of value of the transactions, and it includes the exchanges that happen among big banking institutions, central banks, monetary speculators, undertaken multinationals, governments and other financial markets and institutions. The activity of exchange that takes place in the markets global Forex adds to more than 1.900 billion dollars a day (in average).

The Forex market is born because any economic transaction that involves two operators of different nationality must pass, sooner or later, through the purchase and the sale of currency. In the last twenty years, however, the role of the pure speculation on the Forex has always assumed increasing importance, to the point that today, around the 90% of the transactions on this market are of speculative nature.

The principal players in this market are the banks, the brokerses, the hedges funds and the central banks. Uninterruptedly from Sunday night (Monday morning in Japan) to Friday evening (closing of the American market) exist open banks (and brokers) in the world, and therefore in every moment the market Forex is "open." 24 times on 24 the prices of the currencies can stir if someone is operating on the market.

How to make money with this?

You can earns through the speculation or if you buy today, for instance, a currency for x value in European and you resell it between two days and its value is increased of 5% it means that I have earned the 5% of the invested capital. Obviously if its value is decreased you have lost the 5% of the invested capital.

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