Jamendo, make money with music

Are you an artist and do you want to earn with music?

Jamendo proposes to help you. "Promote, spread and earns with your music. 'Open your ears': is the opportunity that offers 'jamendo', base on which the unknown artists have the possibility' to make to know their musical talent." This way Jamendo begins.
As this method it is clear to earn it is turned to the category of the artists in musical field.

How does it work?

Is a platform through which the unknown artists have the possibility to load their jobs from any part of the world.
On jamendo, the artists distribute their music under license Creative Commons. Shortly, these licenses allow you to unload, remix and share for free your music. It is an accord of the type "Some rights reserved", perfectly in line with the new century.
The consumers of jamendo have the opportunity to discover and to share the albums, but also to review them or to begin a discussion on them through the forums. The albums are democratically judged in base to the critiques of the visitors. If they like a determined artist, they can support him with a donation.

How to make money?

If you are an artist and you have some shared contents, you can receive some donations from the consumers.
Other factor not to be neglected is the fact that these consumers are a Community and they express evaluations on these albums creating so a notable promotional effect.
The payment is through paypal.

What news offers Jamendo?

A legal frame that protects the artists (thanks to the license Creative Commons).
A free, simple and rapid access to the music, for whoever.
The use of technologies Peer-to-Peer.
The possibility to perform direct donations to the artists.

Site: www.jamendo.com/en/

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