Yahoo, Microsoft is still optimistic

March, 3 2008

According to a senior executive of Microsoft, the company would be really optimistic approximately the possibilities of the acquisition of Yahoo, although the first refusal from the society, and in spite of others important concurrent.

According to Jean-Philippe Courtois, vice-president of Microsoft, in fact, the dialogues between the company, the shareholders and the management of Yahoo would be continuous.

Courtois also has confirmed the hope that the operation goes in port, as it would carry incredible benefits in terms of economies, research & development and innovation.

Courtois however has refused to comment the large refusal of Yahoo, which has declined the offer of 44,6 billions of dollars from Microsoft to the beginning February.

According to the latest news, Microsoft would be ready to return the offers with a new bid valued around 31 US dollars per share. But summits Yahoo don't give up: for them the society is worth at least 40 US dollars per share.

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