Apart from Adsense…

In the 2008, what’s the best choice for advertising on your web space? Apart from Google?

First, one should analyze the general view of services in relation of the use that will be done with it. What’s this mean? Ok, supposing that you are a blogger, but you don’t have much visitors yet [you have just opened your blog, for example ;)] do not put ads on it that pay per impressions. It’s mainly unnecessary and premature. Most of all, I suggest in this case pay per click options. Then:

Minimum payout is $10 Paypal, or $50 by check.
Cost per Click: Variable from $0,01 to $0,50

Minimum payout is 100 €
Cost per Click: Even 1 € a click

Minimum payout is $5 by check
Cost per Click: Medium $0,05 for click

Now, supposing that the upper case isn’t yours, so you already have a well launched web site or blog, with at least 10.000 pages visited per month, for example. Here comes:

Chitika eMiniMalls [Just for EN sites, for now]
Minimum payout is $10 by check
Cost per Click: Very high! – adsense competitive!

more to come…

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