Create an Article Directory together with an advantageous business!

Writing articles with included links is one way for webmasters to make grow in popularity their sites. After some promotion, your article directory site will become more visited; users will capture your writing for putting it in their web space and therefore your embedded links will spread together with the article. Can you imagine how many incoming links you can achieve with just one well built article? If just 10 other people put it on their site?

The topics that you can choose are countless, business, home, family, love, fantasy, games, etc…
After all, other people can contribute to your article directory, writing their own stories.

How to make money?
Simply with contextual ads, advertising. [Adsense and similar]

What you need:

- A web space that supports MySql

- An articles directory Script, this is free:

- Some initial work (begin to write articles by yourself, not copy and paste from other sites)

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