Create a community and make profit from it


What’s the point in create a community? For a community I mean anything similar to a forum (I thinks that everyone know what is it, but for the internet newbie: is a message board on the Internet focused on one or more particular subjects) where we can exchange, discuss and share ideas about various topics. It’s something different from a blog, yes, in this last the visitors can participate too of course, with comments and articles response, but there are some limitations. A blog is most personal, it’s basically informative and doesn’t have the topic’s fluidity of a forum, nevertheless a blog have other productive resources, I’ll talk about these in another post.

So, how to create a personal community, preferably free? Hypothesizing that you don’t have a personal domain, or even a free space on the web to install the script by yourself; there are several service that allow people to create their own community for free (with just feature restrictions and often with commercial ads included), here some example: [board: Invision Power Board version 1.3] [board: phpBB 3.0.0]

But in this case, your revenue and all your effort will be shared with your board host management, so I’ll suggest to install a free board (phpBB3 is the best, imho - on a free web host [look on this blog, right under Host Solution]

Now that you have your forum installed, and running, start to think to a parental topic. Anything that regard the public opinion is optimal. Games, movies, sport, TV, cinema, social life, work at home, house, love life, family…

Promotional: Ok, if you’re already a forumer in other boards, you can start to publicize your new forum there, in the right section. Next, in web spaces with similar subjects, writing comments in blogs with similar theme, etc.. emailing your friend ;)

When your forum become popular, counting various unique visitors daily, is enough to start launching an ads campaign, Google adsense, Adbrite…

See ya!

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