Google and Yahoo! combination

11 April, 2008

What makes two direct competitors in the search engines marketing, like Google and Yahoo!, to join? Why Yahoo! for 2 weeks will show, in the results of its research, a quota of 3% consists entirely of text ads from Google?

It seems impossible, yet happened, the only plausible reason is: to fight the third annoy competitor, Microsoft. A collaboration that aims to "save" Yahoo! From “the hands” of Redmond.

Details so far leaked:

Testing will be done exclusively on, in the United States
Testing will not include other network sites in Yahoo!, nor Premium Publisher Partners
The test will probably last for two weeks, and will be limited to not more than 3% of the Yahoo! queries

Yahoo! will have the opportunity to study the opponent, understanding (for example) if Google ads are more or less clicked of their own, if they have a better context, or better economic performance.

In the press release is clearly stated: "Yahoo! board of directors is exploring alternative strategies to maximize the value of shares, including the potential trade agreements. This test does not necessarily mean that Yahoo! will be part of the AdSense program for the research, or that there will be other business relationships with Google."
Perhaps, fearing a possible agreement on the advertising plan, Microsoft will propose to Yahoo! a better deal (44.6 billion dollars – so far), in fear that it falls into the hands of Google…

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