Make Money selling your ideas II | On ebay

Ebay gives you the chance to sell almost everything, why do not sell your ebooks on ebay? [See the precedent post: Make Money selling your ideas]. There is an easy proceedings called DIGITAL DELIVERY, dedicated just to the digital products (software, ebook), click here for a visual guide that will talk more than thousand words. Why is a winning alternative?

First, there is no shipping required if the product is distributed only through the web (digital delivery). Some sellers choose to burn their eBook on CD and send them to their buyers by shipping. In this way the seller loses much of the gain calculating the cost of packing, shipping and the CD. Very important to note, if you are deciding to sell the eBook through DIGITAL DELIVERY, is against the rules of eBay to add the shipping costs for those items.

Requirements, from ebay guide:

To sell a digital item on eBay, you must comply with the following requirements:

• Digitally delivered items must be listed in the Classified Ad Format in the Everything Else>Information Products category only.

• Any digitally delivered item may not be pornographic in nature.

• The seller must be the owner of the underlying intellectual property, or authorized to distribute it by the intellectual property owner.

• The seller’s item may not include software that harms the buyer’s machine (for example, a virus), uses it for malicious or unauthorized purposes (for example, sending spam emails or spreading a virus), or violates the buyer’s privacy (for example, spyware or cookies per the HTML and JavaScript policy).

• To help verify the identity of sellers listing digital downloadable items, eBay requires that sellers are PayPal Verified.

In addition, you’ll need to verify that you are legally authorized to sell the digital item when you list it.

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