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Resale Rights

Also called, "Standard Resale Rights", "Reseller Base", or "Reprint Rights", relate to the person who buys the digital product in order to resell it. This, however, does not mean that these rights can change.

That is, somebody, called Jack, for example, buy an ebook on the web or directly on ebay, this ebook contains the "Resale Rights." So the seller declares in its Terms of Use that Resale Rights can be obtained only if Jack purchased directly from him.

So, now Jack can sell this eBook following the Terms of Use, having now the law to do so, because it was purchased directly from the first seller or creator. If another person, called Jenny, buy this eBook from Jack can safely read and enjoy the eBook information, but because she doesn't have purchased the product directly from the ebook’s creator, Jenny has no right to sell it to others.

Since Jack has resale permission of this ebook, Jack earns 100% of the money received by Jenny; and should not pay any commission or royalty to the ebook’s creator.

Is enough clear?

This make money business is well appreciated on ebay, the only con is that you have to buy the ebook in first person to start a reseller marketing. And this require some initial investment. But after this, you can earn a lot more than your first investment. How many ebook? It’s up to you, and your initial funds of course.

Where to find ebooks with resale rights?

# On Ebay
# On the Web [naturally it’s preferable, and better, if you buy anything that is interesting for you first, without thinking only to resell whatever it will be]

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