Adsense $ in, Adwords $ out | What makes the difference?

Are money travelling in and out from your pockets, without profit?
What’s the big affair with Google publisher/advertiser service?

Many webmasters, particularly the owner of commercial site, rely on the combination of Adsense | Adwords for promotional campaign. And many webmasters earn a top level cash with this simple process. Anyway, with the advertising campaign, the CTR (Click-through rate) makes the basic difference between lose money and earn money.

The CTR is calculated by dividing the number of users who clicked on the AD for the number of times it was shown (the so-called impressions). For example, if the banner X had 100 impressions and 10 person has clicked on it, CTR will be 10%

CTR adsense: It’s proved that a website with 1,2 or max 3 pages has a high percentage of CTR compared with a big site, why? The answer is fairly intuitive: if the infos, the objects, the service, the programs ect… Are just on 1-2 pages, the visitors found what they’re searching for very quickly, that’s mean less impressions and more click opportunities = high CTR

CTR adwords: Starting with a low-budget plan, selecting keywords not too much competitive, you can create a campaign with an argumentative advertising, one that incite people to know more about it, give them a reason to click on your ad instead of the others = high CTR, and therefore low cost per click. Make more than one test: the greatest way to find the ad that better suite your web space is make comparisons.

Helpful link:

  • Top 500 keywords in the last 48 hours (updated daily)
  • Top 500 keywords in the last 90 days (updated daily)

This is a REAL easy way to make money, there’s nothing illegal in it. There is no need to start with a big amount of money, you can begin with a financial plan of $ 100 on adwords, picking appropriate keywords of approximately $ 0,05 cost per click.

Useful tool (time ago Overture bid tool was the greatest option, now there are some alternative less helpful, but better than nothing):

Find out keywords competition

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