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Definitely, when a specific discussion topic in a forum have the classical hot icon
is a major for google and the other search engines. Same thing in the case of a blog post. More comments? More visibility for sure.

Now, it’s not that we have to write a lot of useless comments below our post for push it through internet. But if we pin a single post, in our home page, it automatically will gather more visitors and a bigger possibility for creative replies.

Example: Supposing that recently we watch an interesting video online, on work at home business, and still supposing, we found that it’s good enough to promote it. So, we begin to collect materials and requirements to write a very good post about it. Starting with a winking image to draw attention and a targeted title to make people curious...

If you write a provocative post, the probability that somebody will reply to it is higher, or not? :)

Surfing through some popular blogs I noticed that most of the users, especially the new ones for that blog, tend to read the post but, insofar as interesting it may be, they doesn’t reply if there isn’t a direct challenge.
Same thing for a forum topic. Try to write a single bad line about the main subject of a forum, dedicated to an actor for example, you’ll be studded by replies. Try to write that another ads service for publisher is better than Google in a work at home forum, and you’ll get attention.

But those above are only examples, of course you have to put a logical sense in your writing, using just a provocative form in showing it to your readers.


  • A post/topic rich of valuable comments/replies is well appreciated by the search engines
  • To give a better opportunity for a post that you consider good, put it pinned on your home page
  • Write in a provocative form your arguments, better with the proper comparisons
  • Good work!

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