Gain traffic, boost your site/blog and launch your make money business - #1

How to get more visitors from google, yahoo, msn and even by email?

- if you have a website:

o Create a sitemap [it’s a file with .xml extension, once inserted the xml file into your root, google can better crawl your website. -]

o Subscribe your site to Google Webmaster - [This service brings together all the information on how Google crawls and indexes websites.]

o Update your site regularly. Adding a news script could be a way to communicate the last updates to your visitors. Cutenews is a very good and free choice - (no need of mysql database to work)

o Newsletter:

- if you have a Blog:

o Sitemap | Subscribe your blog to Google Webmaster

o Add content regularly. For blogs, post with some frequency is even more important than for a web site.

o Feed Burner: Allows weblog owners and podcasters the ability to manage their RSS feeds and track usage of their subscribers.

o Newsletter are good for blogs too.

How to get more visitors from forum, discussion board, comments posted in other spaces, and so on…

- Put a signature that point to your site/blog: it’s better if is an image with a link embedded.

o Apart from the anchor text subject, which one would you click on first?

or Ebooks Resource

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