Gain traffic, boost your site/blog and launch your make money business - #2

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How to get more visitors from forum, discussion board, comments posted in other spaces, and so on…
  • Posting into Newsgroups: A newsgroup is a virtual space created on a network of interconnected servers (historically a subnetwork of the Internet USENIX or simply Usenet) to discuss a specific topic.
    The access to these areas happen through programs called news clients or newsreader (today sometimes integrated in e-mail programs such as Mozilla Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Outlook Express, Sylpheed).
  • Make a video associated to your site/blog’s contents and post it on youtube: If you haven’t ever noticed, but I doubt it, after you have typed your research keyword on google search engine, a related youtube video pops out very often. Example, try to search “make money business” or “make money with google”, in both case there is a link on the first page to a youtube video! How many visitors chose to click on it instead of a website? What’s the report? Let’s say 3 on 5, yes, videos are a little bit preferred.

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