Make money with Blogsvertise

Another service based on blogging and pay per post system. You must have a blog/journal setup with written content on your url/website in order to use the service.
Standard payment are between $4 - $25
Payments are made after 30 days your assigned task has been approved

At least 2-3 paragraphs of approx 75 words or more is required for blog entry approval.

How Blogsvertise Works:

We assign tasks to registered members with the internet website address and what to talk about on their blog. The topics/tasks will be simply emailed to you once your account registration is approved. Click Here to Register for Free

You write up an entry in your blog about the internet advertiser however you want! You can review the site, compliment it, relate to it somehow in your daily life, or even complain about it, and link to the website at least 3 times in your blog/journal entry. Click Here to Login & Check Tasks

In exchange blogsvertise Pays YOU in paypal per blog entry, for writing about the advertisers web site. Payouts are automatically sent to you after your entry is approved and the payout period has passed.


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