Pagerank update - April/May 2008

Another pagerank update started between April 28-29, 2008 - and isn't finished yet.
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Well, MMB - Make Money Business stays the same old PR 2, now we will see the SERP movements. During the last year many webmasters noticed a strange behaviour about google pagerank: a site that lose PR points is not necessarily penalized in the search engine, or better still, sometimes is promoted to upper levels. This caught everyone's attention especially after the last and longest pagerank update in the 2007. So, in conclusion, until your web site visitors doesn't decrease significantly, don't worry even if you pagerank go down to 1.

- It's better concentrate your effort to extend the content of your web space rather than run after the backlinks seek (and spend a lot of money), that's because a good site well developed attract automatically value link exchange. You'll see the result.

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