Change the Title | worst or better SERP position?

From today, the title of this blog changed from MMB - Make Money Business to Make Money Business - MMB after more than two years. Why?

Because after some time on the web, and after reading many articles talking about it, often I observed that the first word of the title in a web page is the most important for google spiders. And now I'm testing it directly on this blog.

So people, if you're gonna start a site, or a single page of a web space, that point to gain a hot position in google serp, make attention to the name that you're choosing! Starting with a title that combines itself with your domain in the best way is of course better than replace it after.



Music For Travel |  Music on the Road  (80% connexion with domain,  first word 100% affinity)  
Listen To The Best Music For Travel  (70% connexion with domain,  first word 10% affinity)
The Best List Of Travel Music Artists  (50% connexion with domain,  first word 0% affinity)

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