Make money online in two thousand and eight

How many years ago started all the make money at home system? I read about some people that started to work online on they own in the last nineties. At that time, if you think about the internet booming that turn out loud, the big virtual sea was mostly totally undiscovered. And now? Internet grew up and its potentials with it, but what changed in the make money business? We all know that in the net, most of the time, the first to do something will get all the benefits from it. Look at the search engines, Google is born in the 1997, and Yahoo! was just a directory until the 2002.

Which one became the most important for the webmasters? And the most famous for everyone? We all know the answers. But talking about the make money online business, it was easiest a decade earlier or now?

Internet as a tool of global communication: generation 1990-2000 in comparison to generation 2000-Today. Those histograms below can give a better idea of what we’re discuss in this post.

In a way, some years ago it was simple to gain a certain supremacy online but a lot less easy to open a site or a blog like nowadays. And the same thing in the case of a commercial site, less traffic but a lot more domination.

So, we can say that the generation 1990 - 2000 is inversely proportional to the generation 2000 – Today in the case of traffic and make money online opportunities. Today is difficult to build a site and make it become one of the top lists in the world, in the nineties there wasn’t all that traffic to make people rich (promoting advertising, for example) even if a site was well positioned.

But, back to the question, it was less difficult to make money online in the 1990 – 2000 or in the 2000 – Today? Well, personally I believe that the golden age of work at home online is begun in the last nineties and grew exponentially until a few years ago, now there is a constant balance, but, like I said before, the first to do something will get all the benefits from it (in internet and most of the time)

Do you not agree? Let me know what do you think :)

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