Make Money Reading Books

In the summer season many people choose to read a book to kill time instead of other tiresome and exhausting hobbies. And wouldn’t it be even better if this hobby make you earn money?

Imagine that you get paid to read books that you would normally PAY MONEY TO READ!

The book that will show you how to make money reading books costs: $24,99

This is an outline:

Introduction: Have a Life. Not a Job (To read the introduction for FREE, to make an idea about the product, you have just to sign up through this form

PART I: How to Get the Jobs

Chapter 1: What Does Proofreading Really Entail?
You Can Do This: Discovering the Skills You Already Have
A Crash Course in Publishing: Who’s Who and What’s What
Setting Up for Success

Chapter 2: Getting Ready to Sell Yourself
Creating a Winning Résumé: A Step-By-Step Guide to Identifying the Experience You Didn’t Know You Had
Instant Experience: Adding to the Page
Laying the Groundwork: Creating the Cover Letter

Chapter 3: Finding the Jobs
The Pathways to the Publishers
Other Inroads

Chapter 4: Getting the Jobs
Warming Up Your Cold Call
Put It in Writing: Managing Your Written Correspondence
Chapter 5: Keeping the Jobs Coming
Your First Project
Distinguishing Yourself

PART II: How to Do the Job

Chapter 6: The Proofreading Symbols Explained
What the Core 35 Symbols Look Like
How to Draw Them Perfectly
Practice Sessions

Chapter 7: Proofreading Tests

Chapter 8: Beyond the Symbols: Detail Elements that Make a Proofreader Great


MY PROMISE: If you read and/or listen intently to "PAID TO PROOFREAD: Secrets to Financial Freedom and Success", do the exercises included and are committed to pursuing proofreading as an income generator, you will open up an opportunity for yourself.

MY COMMITMENT: is to providing you with materials that will get you on the road to being paid for proofreading.

I guarantee that, IF you are starting with strong literacy skills and the usual attributes of a person people like to do business with, then do everything I tell you to do in the book, both to master your new profession and to market yourself, you will land a paid proofreading job.

GO and earn $$$ doing something you love!

Suzanne Gilad, President Maximum Sentence, LLC

To start:

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