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Some time ago I wrote a post about DreamsTime, a service that pays you for sharing your picture (HERE to read more), now I would like to talk about another host service, Photrade, it's a free image hosting and in the same way a photo selling site. But now give a look at the site’s FAQ:

How to earn money?
• You earn ad revenue from each view of your photos on photrade or anywhere else online (users have complete control over who buys their photos and in what format). A minimum of $15.00 is required to transfer your balance to PayPal.
• You can earn selling your photos by setting a price. Photrade allows the photographer to keep an unprecedented 80% of the markup made on any sale. If the base price of a photo is $1 and you sell it for $5 you would earn $3.20 ($5 sales price - $1 base price = $4 markup - 20% commission = $3.20).

How Much does it Cost to Use Photrade?
Photrade is free to use and all account levels have the same access to photrade protection and monetization features - the only difference is the # of uploads. The Photrade Pro account is a great deal at $25/year and gives you an unlimited number of uploads. The pro account only impacts your upload limits – both basic and pro accounts have access to the same functionality. During our beta test all users receiving invites will get a free 1 year pro account. Additional details on the differences between a free and a pro account will be available at public launch.

How does copyright protection (watermarking) work?
Click on user preferences (top right of your screen when you are signed in) or click here and select the "protection" tab. From there you can create a custom watermark that will be used to protect your photos online. This watermark will apply to all of the photos that you upload. If you would like to change watermarks on individual images, you can do so on the manage photos page. Bring the photos into the workspace and click watermark (on your left) and enter text for a different watermark. If you have trouble with setting the custom watermark in the manage photos page, please ensure that your preferences have watermarking turned on.

Photo size limit: FREE account, under 10 MB per file – Pro account have no limits ($25/year)
Special promotion, Free Pro Account, Join now and get a free pro account for your first year.

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