Search Engine Primer [eBook] for FREE

Here, let me say first that this is an ebook from the year 2002, by the work of Chuck McCullough, but I strongly doubt that you will find it for free online so easily, except here on Make Money Business - MMB, and in a few other sites. It's not too old to be useless, and it's not too "modern" to talk about something  incomprehensible :)

Search Engine Primer eBook original value: $9,95

Table Of Content:

  • In chapter 1:
    "Chose your keywords wisely"
  • In chapter 2:
    "Learn how to structure a page for search engine"
  • In chapter 3:
    "Learn how to get quality links to your page"
  • In chapter 4:
    "The magic of quality content in your site"
  • In chapter 5:
    "Map and spider"
  • In chapter 6:
    "More infos"

So, if you are interested, if you're a newbie webmaster of a blog or a website, just click here and download this ebook for free. No virus, no spyware, just check by yourself. After downloading it, open the .rar archive and click on the executable file, it's all in there ;)

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