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What’s Keyword density? Well, if you don’t know it already, is the number of times a keyword, of one or more words, appears compared to the total number of words in a page or all the site. Search engines analyze the keyword density to determine which site/blog is more relevant to a specified keyword. What is it the best percentage for keyword density? Very high is better? No! A really high keyword density can be confuse with spam. So, what is the ideal percentage? This is up to the single search engines, Google, Yahoo!, and others… But, some around the 9% is the most ideal choice.

Making an example:

You have a site about an eBook called “make money online playing games”, and that’s your first keyword too. In your site, this sentence must have a density up to 9% or a little lower. Then another key, “earn cash playing games”, with density near 5%-6% would be good. How to reach those percentage? Just writing the keyword in specific zones of your site, first the domain name, then the main title, between the tag title, between the tag h1, h2, and eventually in the body text (articles, blog posts, reviews, etc…).

How to check your actual keyword density? There are a  lot of keyword analyzer online, this is one of them, HERE  

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