Make Money Business: The real difference between original and copied

I believe that you already know what’s the crucial difference between original and copied posts, the original one appears for first time on the website/blog of its writer, the copied… Well, duplicate information can be found all over the web. But keep in mind that I didn’t mean quotes=copied, that’s another talk. It’s legitimate and useful to quote, save for a pile of just quotes doesn’t make an original article.

Search Engine tend to prefer a page with original content to a page which is a collage of other sites. This is only one of the difference that enlarge the possibility of an original site to earn more money than a website showing old content. But this is not enough to reach keywords supremacy if your competitors have more backlinks pointing to their sites for that keyword.

And so, why work on original content if this can’t make the real difference?? Why backlinks are always more determinant than anything else? Unfortunately backlinks weight rules Google position in all type of categories, from Make money online to gaming, cooking, sports, lyrics, music, etc...

But think about one thing, why visitors that happen to enter a site well positioned on search engines but poorly informative, cause lacking of good original content, have to came back to that site? Why other webmasters must choose to quote posts or pages of that site if they aren’t worthy?

That’s the point in original content, that’s make the basilar difference. Backlinks are important, of course, but they doesn’t guarantee to build a range of recurring visitors to your site, and can’t provide free backlinks from other website, without link exchange. But original content, yes.

The winning formula: Build a space, add mostly informative and original content, find other spaces (free community at first, an economic system) where to promote your site, and build backlinks. It’s not true that a big site, with thousands of page is a lot better that a site with 10-50 pages, the quality is not the same as quantity, better few good and informative pages that hundreds of babbles.

Then, after you start to make money at home increasing your finance, you can look around for good one way backlinks, and here comes the basic investment. A good backlink is often not free and require payment (I already wrote several posts about backlinks, search in the blogger box above). But if your site have its regular visitors, and good content can help a lot, there are ways to sell and buy links at the same time. Check or

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