Make money business, without a website | September tips

First September post, now I would like to talk about how to make money online if you’re a beginner and don’t have a WebSite, or don’t want it and don’t want to be in the blogosphere too. In this blog there are a lot of tips regarding webmaster business, so, if you are totally negate of HTML, blogs, and similar, read those lines below, maybe they could be useful.

Without a website there is a huge benefit, no advertising, something that can be a real nightmare even for the most talented webmaster. But, at the same time, your make money online business is in great part out of your control, that’s because you’re working for/on other people’s web spaces. Ok, so cleared up these two primal pro and con, just start to collect infos:

Are you good with a camera in your hand? Then make money with photos! Here two of the most famous online service, but if you’re not satisfied with just two choice, type in Google “make money with photos site” :

  1. Photrade:
  2. DreamsTime:

And for photos are intended also photoshopped works, if you’re a master in graphic creations just upload and sell your special pictures.

Videos. There are a lot of web services that pay you for uploading your videos, but first check this page: Getting Paid: Sites that Help Filmmakers and Video Producers Make Money (a list of American companies). Pay attention to the advertising next the video on YouTube for example, every time an users upload a video draw other visitors and therefore more clicks on the advertising box. That’s the formula, more clicks, more money for you. Apart from YouTube, and many others, there is also every time that someone watches a video that you've uploaded on, you can make money. pays you the 50% of the earnings.

Photos, videos, and? Writing, of course. Click here for posts that I wrote some time ago: is at the same time an online community for writers and a directory for user-generated articles. 24 different directory, payments per article range from $20 to over $200, with 20% transaction fee going to Helium. To make an idea of the site popularity, Alexa Rank = 4,985.
Joining Helium is easy and it’s free.

Selling templates: every day thousands of websites are created, a nice web template it’s the first think for a webmaster, often they didn’t create it from zero and by themselves. You can sell templates on eBay, or any other sites that are willing to buy them.

Oh, on eBay you can sell everything, so…

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