Free Tools for Webmasters who want to Make Money

Some of the best tools to check your site stats, PageRank, keywords, backlinks…

  • FREE Keyword Suggestion tool:
    By Daily number of search and Keywords

    919 ° make money online
    284 ° make money free online
    103 ° how to make money online
    94 ° ways to make money online
    46 ° make money online for free
    34 ° earn cash make money online
    34 ° make money easy online
    31 ° base business home internet make money online opportunity
    25 ° make money online free
    24 ° free make money online

    Obvious that is better starting to choose keywords less competitive, in this selection Google can help a lot, the key “base business home internet make money online opportunity” has just 520.000 results, more approachable than “make money easy online”, 15.600.000 results, and both are certainly better than “make money online” 38.400.000 results right now.

    Note: “ways for teens to make money” is the most searched keyword, under the search key “make money” in the site posted above, and has just 361.000 results until now. Work on this.

  • Search Engine Optimizer - Keyword Density Tool:

    In this blog I already wrote something about keyword density (find it HERE), and this tool is really good to the circumstances.

  • Backlinks checker:

    A script that can calculate: Homepage PR, Links count [The total number of links submitted on the same page where is your link. If you don’t now yet, a homepage with PR 5 showing 500 links on it (yours included) transfer a small quote of PR to all them compared to a PR 3 with just 10 links on it (yours included)], Nofollow, Anchor and number of Backlinks.

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