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What is it WPMU? WP stands for WordPress and MU for Multi User, more familiar called like this, no? Well, I think you already know what’s WordPress, an open source script blog very famous from 2003 and created by Matt Mullenweg. In the first years of this century exploded the blog mania, today there are more blog online than every other sort of website, and people who make money online blogging are many hundreds nowadays. And wordpress.com hosts for free 4,245,548 blogs, just for make an idea, and that number is doomed to grow.

Ok, that was and introduction, now we can talk about the MU extension. For who doesn’t know, WordPressMU can give you the possibility to create and manage your Blog network just like wordpress.com does, more or less.


  1. a website with a lot of space
  2. a host that runs PHP version 4.3 or greater
  3. and MySQL version 4.0 or greater

All the features of WordPressMU are well explained in this page http://wordpress.org/about/features/

You can change graphic templates just like the standard WordPress blogs, manage comments, ban email, ban IP, delete accounts, etc..

And now the vantage of running your own Blog network: supposing that you have installed your WordPressMU script on www.yourdomain.com, after some promotion, some people decide to open a blog from your site script and therefore make a domain themself www.yourdomain.com/billy or www.billy.yourdomain.com, according to your script configuration, then another user make an inscription and register a blog named www.yourdomain.com/makemoney, and another www.yourdomain.com/manicure and so on…

Do you know the popularity that will gain your original domain www.yourdomain.com every time a new blog is registered under it? A lot, your users will post the URL to their blog www.yourdomain.com/name all over the net. And apart from the popularity, think about some tolerable ads put in the footer of the graphic templates that you uploaded for the script and that will be used by your users. Make money business.

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