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To post articles on the web is one of the most effective way to get target traffic without spendin any money, articles directory are generally free. To make money online promoting your website or blog is indispensable to gain traffic and popularity, this is a great way.

The Free Library is a 100% free directory with 4,532,673 articles and books. Alexa rank: 29,436 and PR: 7
Have a lot of visitors per day and is very much popular. And an important thing, there is not NoFollow to the link posted in the articles. Have many categories.

Ezine @rticles, another 100% free article directory to join, without NoFollow.
Maybe the most popular directory on the NET. Alexa rank: 281 and PR: 6 Every internet money maker has posted at least one article in this directory. Premium Membership:
  • SPEED: Your articles will go the front of the line to be reviewed before non-premium level member article submissions.
  • SPEED: Your article submissions will be reviewed by a senior level member of our Editorial team.
  • SPEED: Your email questions to our Member Support ticket center will go to the front of the queue for priority response.
  • CONTROL: Submit your articles at one time and choose when each will be published with our Scheduled Release feature.
  • Monthly$97.00 USD
    Quarterly$194.00 USD
    Yearly$582.00 USD

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