Dishonesty and online cheat damage on affiliates

Referred mainly to affiliate users, that pay and spend a lot to promote a link for third part and from whom they expect to earn what was stipulated between vendor and affiliate. Well, sometimes the behaviour of the vendor is not righteous, soon we will see the reason.

The best way to explain this cheat is an example:

A vendor called X posts his product on a site like, supposing it’s a digital product, then some people start to sign up their affiliate link for that product and spread that link on the web. And until now, all normal. Ok, the affiliates work hard to add their affiliate links in forum, in blogs, articles directory, social bookmarking network, emails, etc… They want to make money, absolutely.

Now, some of them, the affiliates, begin to see the first sells, and are pretty satisfied. But after some time the sales begin to change into refunds, a lot of refunds, more than 90%. What the hell?! The poor affiliates start to promote more and more their links, and the refunds are still remarkable. Then they start to write a more persuasive reviews, start to big thanks their customers after selling and all… But the refunds are still there. The product that they’re selling is not bad, and is not too expensive, then why?

X vendor have a good website to promote his product which is wanted and searched, everything good n a nutshell. The affiliates that didn’t give up into this product’s sponsorship search online for explanation, about the product and the author itself. Search about the opinions of the users who bought it. And found nothing so bad to clear up this continuous refunds chain. An affiliate, called A, was promoting X’digital product but never tried it himself, so finally A decides to buy X’ebook to find out the problem and eventually emailing the author. And here comes the bitter discovery. The vendor emailed all the user who bought the product from his affiliates and make an offer, he will refund their fee if they buy the same product under his direct link with a discount of $$%.

The affiliate A after stretch out and opened wide his eyes, stop to promote and sell this damned ebook. Moral: The high number of refunds are not always related to the quality of the digital products.

It’s not that one have to buy every ebook he was promoting, especially if these are a considerable number, isn’t it? But, how to avoid this sort of fraud to damage affiliates? Maybe keeping contacts with the people that buy the product under the affiliates’ link, or maybe take action every time that a digital product have a bit too much of refunds, suspending the promotions and contacting the authors.

Personally, I think that this sort of vendor are just a few, after all in this way of taking business there will be a strong loss of affiliates and money. And yet, I happened to found out a really tricky vendor, buying the product myself.

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