Make Money Online with a starting budget | Part II

The previous part - Make Money Online with a starting budget | Part I - ended after talking about a project including a domain, a site, some specific keywords and an advertising plan for at least five months. Now, when you buy a link on sites like or anywhere else, remember to use those specific keywords previously chosen. In the first part I use these keywords for example:

make money fast free
make money real estate
ways to make money

one of these have to became the name of the domain, the title of the home page and the anchor of most of the links bought, for example in the package “10 PR 5's only $70 per month. Over 1000 sites to pick from”. This to make clear to google spiders the topic of your site.

Ok, and meanwhile that your site popularity reaches a valuable level you can add some ADS to start making money. Google ADSENSE, first, then came affiliation. If you have built a site about making money, you need to find services that promote how to make money online products, and affiliate to them. It’s the same for every other topics, sports, gaming, fat loss, software, etc.. Clickbank and Paydotcom are perfect to start. FREE account registration for both.

PR - Many webmasters said that it is not important anymore like some years ago. Not really true. Maybe it is not important in search engines index position, so a site can be in the first pages of google even if its PR is lower than others sites that are some pages aback. But if a site have PR >3 (with 1000 visitors a month) and its owner asks for reciprocal exchange to a webmaster of a PR4 blog, for example, in the 90% of the case the alliance will be done. Instead, if a site owner with PR <3 (and 1000 visitors a month) asks the same thing to the same webmaster above, in the 90% of the case the answer will never come.
And is not over yet, if you’re a webmaster you already know the importance of PR outward of, the price of text links are based on page rank first of all. See the example “10 PR 5's only $70 per month…”, obviously 10 PR 3 links don’t cost the same.

So, why the page rank is still important? For business, just business. I have already wrote about this, some time ago, anyway, buying links to increase your PR will give you the possibility to sell links in turn. Simple like water.

Last thing, when you’re thinking to buy a text link, check the outgoing links too. Another example to explain myself better: you want to buy an adverting text on that have PR 5, control the number of links pointing outside the site itself. has 300 links on the same page you’re willing to buy a link, 150 of that link point towards internal pages of… the other 150 are external, therefore the PR will be divided for all the 150 external links (we suppose that there is no “nofollow” tags). Less outgoing links better PR increase.

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