Trifecta and Clicktale, and your site will have no more secrets

Still in the make money business world, these two tools are FREE and a lot interesting, mostly To make money online is crucial to direct your products (advertisement links included) at best to meet your visitors preferences and movements. | Analyze a website with Trifecta tool

Where? SEOmoz Trifecta
How? Just registering a Free Account

You can analyze a blog, a site or a single page, each one with different criterions of scanning.

Measure the strength of pages, blogs and entire domains based on factors inherent to popularity, influence and ranking ability. See your impact and compare against others in your industry.

Though with blogs isn’t so exact. | Web Analytics Revolution

How? Free account with restrict functions but is enough to trace a single website with a few hundreds of pages.

What does Clicktale do? Reveal the mystery of what visitors are doing inside your webpage.

  • CWatch Movies of your visitors' browsing sessions to analyze their behavior
  • Scrolling Heatmaps show where visitors look and how far down they scroll
  • Link Analytics shows every interaction, hover, hesitation time, and much more
  • Form Analytics reveals problem fields in online forms that cause visitors to leave

And the results are intended to:

  • Optimize landing pages
  • Maximize conversions of online forms
  • Minimize shopping cart abandonment
  • Simplify web usability testing

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