Better point on PPC Advertising or Affiliation to make money online?

Most of the people that are making money online use one, or both, of these two methods. But sometimes PPC Advertising or Affiliation exclude themselves because of the site contents, affiliation needs quality most of all, and PPC wants targeted traffic above all.

I’ve wrote many posts about both of the alternative, PPC and affiliation, reviewing some programs, websites and other tips, so I’m not going to introduce them again, by now we know what those two mean, right?

Well, if you happened in this blog means that you were searching for some make money business online information, because to make money online is a fact and not only a theory like someone could say. Of course there are scams everywhere in the net, not only about make money business, yet exist real ways to success between all that sh*t called scams. However, back on topic:

PPC Advertising: Google Adsense, Yahoo publisher (just USA for now), Adbrite, BidVertiser,…

Affiliation: Clickbank, Paydotcom, TradeDoubler, Commission Junction, and many other online shops and sites have an affiliation account were you can register and promote their products in exchange for a percentage on the selling.

Case 1: Someone called Ted wants to make money just with the help of PPC programs. So, he opens a free blog, on for example, and starts to write about his experience on insurances. After some months and work on backlinks building, he manages to gain a good SERP position with some relevant keywords. And the so wanted traffic comes. He puts the ads on his blog and waits…

After another month, the earns from PPC are good as expected, but Ted wants to gain the maximum amount of money from those ads, so he puts them in a way that his visitors can hardly miss. And his posts became least relevant, even not significant to answer the question of the visitors, and because of this, they choose to leave Ted’s blog in less than a minute in favour of ads links.

After another month Ted is enough happy, the PPC system makes him earn a lot for living.

Case 2: Another someone, called Carl, wants to make money with the help of affiliation, but in a specific sector and reaching a definite audience, so signs up an account with Amazon associates. He starts to write quality reviews about cell phone, cell phone’s gadget, cell phone games, and similar. Like Ted, after some months and hard work he manages to gain a good SERP position with some relevant keywords. At this point, Carl wants to try the PPC in concomitance, but he knows that the ads must not obscure his main products, so he puts them in little, visible spaces.

After another month, the earns from PPC are not particularly good like the money earned with amazon associates. Anyhow Carl is satisfied

Competition between case 1 and case 2: After a year Ted has earned $xxxx,00 and Carl $xxxxx,00. If two sites have the same traffic, one on PPC and the other one on affiliation, it’s often well-known that a single sell from an affiliate link is worth a hundred clicks on PPC ads. And the chance that a user, who is typing on search engine “insurance”, cames to Ted’s blog, does not find what was searching and maybe leave in seconds without further mouse movements is higher than the chance of Carl’s site: user research --> “used cell phone” --> finds what was searching --> 50% that can buy it and 50% not.

Conclusion: A PPC site may be valuable, but it’s just up to the quantity of traffic (and this is not something always stable) and the relevance of the ADS. A site on affiliation (and PPC like secondary moneymaking way) can be more profitable, yes the traffic is essential here too but the rapport traffic/selling gives more revenue than the rapport traffic/clicks. In definitive, better choose affiliation like main way to make money online and PPC ads like supporter. Then, they can be both improved according to your strategy.

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