Make money with a single shot, the wise business

Good morning, to whoever read this, I won’t stop telling that make money online is reality, not an old joke of some sick internet surfer. And to make money you need advice, tactics of course, but first you must have the will to do it. Nothing will be so easy like $500 in 10 minutes or $25,00 per click, those are scams most of the time.

What I mean with single shot, no, I’m not talking about gunshots or bankrobbing, not, I’m talking about a single idea, a single product, a single choice. An example to make it more clear, if your intent is to make money with a movies blog, you have already made a single choice. But supposing that you want to be more specific, you open a movie blog about a single movie genre, like horror. But you’re not satisfied yet, you want to be totally specific, and therefore you choose a precise horror movie, SAW series. Ok, take a look a this below:

Type in movies - 704.000.000 results
Type in horror movies - 13.800.000 results
Type in SAW horror - 555.000 results [not high competition]

Now, with the tool FREE keyword suggestion (I’ve already mentioned this is some other post), we will search the frequency of “saw” keyword, and we will look for the most searched and less competitive ones.

saw – 819 searches but 317.000.000 results in [not good]
saw 5 – 570 searches but 229.000.000 results in [not good]
saw v – 447 searches but 23.300.000 results in [approachable]
chain saws - 448 searches but 5.500.000 results in [good]
saw movie - 206 searches but 8.940.000 results in [good]

Obvious these are the most searched keywords about SAW series but there are thousands of minor valuable keywords taken individually but important in the whole.

So, supposing to have planned the strategy above, you create a blog on a free service, or are perfect, and call it or with wordpress

The primary keywords that must be in all your pages/posts are saw V, chain saws and saw movie. After you wrote some posts about SAW (supposing that you know very well the topic of your brand-new blog), the earning can start to be planned.

  • ADS, adsense,…
  • Amazon affiliates (yeah, have many gadget and items about Saw. And you can sell them like affiliate on your blog. Up to 15% in referral fees. Free to join. Payment through gift or bank account. English and Deutsch language)
  • eBay Partner Network (Payment through Paypal, all major languages supported)

And the promotion is the most important thing, some suggestions:

  • You can create a video about your blog (Debut Video Capture is FREE and can help you) and upload it on YouTube
  • You can visit some Saw communities and promote there your blog (forum signature)
  • And again on Youtube, you can post some Saw promo on your blog (and get the link back, even if no followed is useful)

Why is better to be more specific than to write many info’s about a general theme, like movies?
If you have a new blog with 3 or 4 posts about a single topic, with a good promotion you can reach big general sites that with heavy promotion managed to get to the first position on the same topic. Try by yourself.

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