PageRank 7, links for sell | Case Study

Many webmasters, mostly with commercial sites, long for great backlinks to promote their business. And this is the main work of every money maker on the web. Sometimes you can get scammed because of inexperience or naivety, happened to me like somebody else.

Site: www istekyasam com

Google PageRank
: 7 (Real, for now)
: 367.568
Site life
: more than 4 years
Google backlinks
: 38

Ok, that above was an introduction to give details, apparently it is a good site, isn’t it? Well, for $19 a link on a pagerank seven homepage, for one year, it’s great, indeed, considering that the average cost elsewhere is about $3500 approximately. But, examine now the total number of links on that homepage, we can count one at one or use this tool for example Links Counter 326, just take a look at that! The homepage says, "Total words available 100. Sold 97. Remaining 3"

Just a look and we can easily suppose that there are a lot more than a hundred sites on that homepage.

Point number 1: if someone buys a link on that site, the PR will be divided for all the outgoing links, 324 precisely (excluding the 2 inbound links). Therefore, because of this, poor PR benefits for every site on that page.

Point number 2, backlinks: The site have only two strong backlinks and those two sites are not topic related. Below a screenshot from SEOElite report:

Conclusion: a link on www istekyasam com isn't worth $19.

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