Profit Lance Course, scam? I don't think so

I have already wrote about this great resource to make money, previous post here: Profit Lance by Michael Andrews, but to just refresh your mind, here again with some extra infos:

Profit Lance course fame is directly proportional to its customers success. Profit lance wealth course will grant success even to the people that didn’t know what was make money online business last year.

On the Profit Lance site you can read many Customer Comments (proved real with email screenshots) and a lot more testimonials are all over the web. If you type in “profit lance” keywords, without quote ", you’ll see early 8 million of results, nothing to joke about.

The truth is that Profit Lance works and it’s a good choice for everyone, students, housewives, employed, retired, everybody with a PC, an internet connection and the will to make money online.

You do NOT have to be an Internet Expert
You will NOT be participating in any MLM scheme
You will NOT need to invest in any business premises
You will NOT need to hold any products or any stock
You will NOT need to ship or deliver anything
You will NOT need to struggle learning how to advertise
You will NOT need to spend more than a few hours per week
You will NOT need to buy anything more after you join
You will NOT need a lot of money to get started
You will NOT need much time to do it

Bonus #1: Twelve Money-Making Websites Already Set Up And Hosted!
Bonus #2: Private Members Blog With Updates, Strategic Advice, Direction And Tips
Bonus #3: My Own Custom Developed Online Task Manager For Maximum Productivity And Goal Management
Bonus #4: My Google Success Formula
Bonus #5: Over 50 "Over The Shoulder" Video Tutorials

Here is what is included:

- Complete access to the Profit Lance private members area - a goldmine of education and training
- An entire network of pre-hosted websites
- My secret research tools and methods
- Practical tasks to give you hands on experience
- Huge resource of "over-the-shoulder" videos
- Extensive and constantly growing content database
- Documentation of my secret blueprints, research and implementation methods
- Strategic support - you get direction, tips and advice
- Free updates for life!

... and much more ...

Price: $77 (guarantee, risk free)
Michael Andrews says, "I had been trying to make money online for a long time, for roughly six years. But I only really got successful in the last couple of years when I decided to create my own procedures and systems."

Lots of earning proofs are on Profit Lance, check on your own.

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