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How to earn some extra hundreds dollars a week? Ever crossed your mind this question?

Well, sometimes when you are looking to make some extra money fast, this is the first answer that everybody is telling you: use Ebay or try luck with games. And of course, this last choice is not the favourite one for someone who doesn’t have money to invest.

Ebay is great but there are some things to ponder before, Associated Content. With 10-15 articles, for example, you can earn 70-100 dollars.

Over 850,000 pieces of content published. Works for everyone, students, house workers, employed, perfect to whoever would like to make an extra cash. How?

  • Go to Associated Content
  • Free account registration (If you're at least 13 years old)
  • Submit text, audio (Tutorials, Interview, Short Story, Other…), video (Tutorials, Music Video, Home Video, Other…), or images (Comics, Travel log, Tutorials, Other…) on any topic you want, or choose a specific assignment from our Calls for Content™
  • What is Calls for Content™? Associated Content gets the content it wants and Content Producers know what to submit. Every day you'll see new content calls based on programming and site partner needs as well as user trends. In many cases, the subjects you see were created specifically with you in mind - your location, your background and your content history (among others).

Earning: Payment only via PayPal, payments are sent every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (except for holidays) if you have at least $1.50 in your Performance Payment balance.

Payment offer for your text content (offers range from $1 - $20)

Associated Content has a detailed FAQ and support for its members. You don’t need a website to work with Associated Content and don’t need internet skills, your ideas is all you ever need.

And if you need content for your website, this is a great source too:

With nearly 200,000 Content Producers, AC offers large-scale, quality content solutions for brands and media companies. Click the button below to learn more about AC's Content Partner solutions.

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