PageRank 5, links for sell | Case Study II

In a previous post, PageRank 7, links for sell | Case Study, on November 2008, I wrote about an ambiguous site which was (and still is) selling links on its PR 7 homepage. Not long time after this site lose all its PR. Today I would like to present:


Google PageRank: 5 (Real, for now) - 12/28/2008
Alexa: 536,598
Site life: less than 1-year
Google backlinks: 3
External links count
: 53 (for now)

Link Base Cost (without options): $5,00

This site have a different prospective. $5,00 is a cheap price for a link on a PR 5 homepage. And, even if this site doesn’t has many strong backlinks, is set out in a better way (no advise about fake numbers of remaining words, se the post mentioned above).

On the basis of these data, a link on www am-mss org for $5,00 is not a risk.

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