Don’t stop your site submission campaign | Google PR swing your backlinks

An important number of strong backlinks isn’t enough to have the mathematical certainty that your SEO position will stay the same day after day. At every Pagerank update a domain lose or gain PR, a site list of backlinks is in continual movement, up and down Pagerank changes. Most of the webmasters check their list at least one time at week, specially after PR updates (like some days ago, ending December 2008) and surprises can be found out, bad and good.

Moneymaker webmasters does never stop their site promotion like worker bee, or something similar ;) the truth is that online not any website can keep its popularity without promoting it time after time.

Explicit example:

  • has 360 good backlinks.
  • 50 of these 360 are strong backlinks with PR between 2-7
  • For two months these 50 backlinks stays the same, PR unchanged. And gets a valuable PR itself.
  • Another month later, take place a Pagerank update
  • Those 50 strong backlinks change their backlinks in turn but the PR is modified after the update
  • Now, has still 360 good backlinks, but no more 50 strong backlinks with PR between 2-7, the new order is: 35 good backlinks between 3-6 PR
  • And the results is that the new PR of, related to the last Pagerank update, is determined by all its backlinks changes. And that’s if’s webmaster doesn’t keep on searching new backlinks sources.

Last thing to say, in definitive a static list of backlinks, even if they are really good, is not a good approach in search engine position or a good shield to PR update. PR is still important, I wrote this several time in this blog; is like a thing that most want and many use it, in make money business and to make money online.

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