How to start a make money online business, tips for beginners

Why people are interested in making money online? Everybody is obvious attracted toward ways to make money, but why online? Because they think it’s simpler? Easier than an ordinary job? To become rich? Well, maybe at the very start those thoughts crossed all minds. After some time in, seeing all the process by themselves, they can find out that to make money online, starting from zero to success, is not too different from any other office work. Requires efforts and can give satisfactions, likewise. Keep in mind that I’m talking about the way to do it, the revenue could be extremely different from any other office job.

  1. Don’t lose your will to make money online just because you don’t understand English well enough.

The first language spoken in internet is English. A big percentage wrote posts in forums, blogs, in English. Anyway the proportion of all internet surfer is not limited to EN/USA, and this means you can also use your own language to simplify your work, if you don’t speak English very well.

  1. Don’t make others influence your main target.

If you want to make money online, you must write with paper and pencil a sort of map that will become your strategy and your daily program. You have to decide first on what you want to make money. Pin target and pin your starter kit (budget, hosting, ect). Look around to take hint, ideas, but don’t change your main target coping what are doing most of the webmasters. If someone says that he makes a lot of money in a way, doesn’t always mean that everybody can make it in the same way. The experiences of other people may be helpful, but shouldn’t be taken like carbon copy.

  1. Define how much time you have to dedicate on making money online.

If you already have a job or need time to study or to stay with your children, then two or three hours a day shouldn’t be hard to find. And that’s all to start, no sleepless night. A blog or a site are good choices if you plan to update once every 2-3 days, while a community (forums) requires much time.

  1. Find and build your personal online space.

Today it is not hard to open a free blog ( - or find a free host ( But if you have the possibility to buy a domain on a cheap hosting service then you will have 100% control about your site/blog. The free service have some limitation (or advertising) most of the time.

  1. Think of what is better to publish your main target. Ponder your internet skills.

If you want to create a discussion forum to talk about football for example, there are free service that offer free indipendent board ( – phpBB3 is a great board imho) and free board (phpBB3, SMF, ect) to install on your personal host (with mysql) if you decide to bought one. To learn phpBB functions is not hard, and is available in early all languages. On a free host or on your own host, if you have to administrate a board you don’t need to be and internet expert. If you aim to build a shopwindow on beauty products you need a website, and an e-commerce script (there are free and not) to promote more easily your products. And, if all you have to publish are information, articles, a blog is what you need, and is the simplest way to share your ideas online. Those above are just example, you can choice anything else that’s suite best for you.

  1. Choose the tool you’re going to use to make money. Advertising, affiliation…

Not too much time ago I wrote these posts: Make money with a single shot, the wise business and Better point on PPC Advertising or Affiliation to make money online? Where there are the main concepts on both topics (Advertising and affiliation).

  1. Don’t point all your earning on just one service

Some webmasters use just Google AdSense to make money, even on ten different websites. Google ADS is one of the most profitable ways to make money online – if your site respect their term of use and you don’t go against their policy. However, sometimes somebody get banned for strange reasons not directly dependent of its cause. In short, you can get banned even unintentionally. If someone has two sites should try two different strategies, make tests to improve each one.

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