Pr Backlink Generator

Pr Backlink Generator
By Dirk Wagner

It’s a great tool as much as cheap, just $7,00. Online there are just positive remarks and reviews about this little program. It can be found on many website, the price right now is about $7

Work on Windows 98/2000/Me/XP [NO Vista]

How it works?

  1. No installation required
  2. Check the tutorial flash file in the archive downloaded after purchasing Pr Backlink Generator.
  3. Add your name (or your site name), e-mail address, website url [Save]
  4. Than add one or more keywords [Start Search]
  5. At last: the program can process 10 potential blog, and you can chose the PR range. When you add a comments the data inserted at point 3 will be automatically added in the blog form.
  6. That’s all!

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